Our program emphasizes joyful learning experiences that promote a child’s natural curiosity and development of independence, language skills, social competence, and positive self-esteem. Our knowledgeable and qualified staff strive to foster each child’s individual growth through nurturing and thoughtful interactions. The classroom environment and all activities are developmentally appropriate and affectionately prepared by our teachers based on children’s interests and needs. We believe that adults and children work in partnership as learners in the classroom; the teacher’s role is to observe children’s growth and provide stimulating learning experiences. These learning experiences are cultivated through music, play, sensory experiences, investigation, and discovery.

We are delighted to offer exceptional child care for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. Montessori Magpie goes beyond the typical daycare experience by providing a relaxed play-based approach that is simultaneously an intellectually stimulating experience that supports the healthy development of each child.

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